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Zander Schaus is an actor, comedian, writer, and director (always in that order) from the sunny, yet very dangerous streets of Las Vegas. Yes the gambly one. There he performed comedy at Caesars Palace, The Venetian, The Rio, and a bunch of casinos that have since been torn down. Unrelated. In LA he’s performed improv and sketch at Second City, UCB, iO West and some other theaters that have since been torn down. Related. He co-directed and co-starred in the South Coast Distribution Fests Best Feature, “Apples and Oranges.” And helped create the series “Dirty Friends” for Funny or Die. A founding member of the comedy trio ALF, he wrote most of and starred in the show “Working Title.” A show that will live in infamy as the show that lost in the finals in a rigged contest at the iO West Sketchfest. He always thanks his family and friends, but they don’t read these. He’s a proud member of Actors Equity and sorta proud member of SAG/AFTRA.


Ted Reis is an actor/writer, originally from Dayton, Ohio– Go Dragons! In that magical birthplace of aviation, Ted matriculated at Wright State University, and graduated with a B.F.A. in Acting. He went on to perform stand-up and sketch comedy all over Ohio, but eventually landed in San Diego, where he hosted the Sea Lion & Otter show at a not-so-popular Ocean themed theme park, and performed frequently in the Regional Theatre scene. In addition to earning two Outstanding Performance Awards from the Actors Alliance of San Diego, he also wrote/performed a one-person show “My Life as Geek,” to much critical acclaim. In 2014 he became a graduate of the Conservatory program at Second City Hollywood, and became a founding member of the comedy trio, ALF. He regularly performs with the sketch comedy troupe, TMI, and co-wrote and created the concept for the incredible sketch comedy show, “Working Title.” Other career highlights include, working with Jerry Zucker, a 2015 Super Bowl commercial, and not getting murdered by Suge Knight (but I was working at Radio Shack at the time, so I guess that last one might not count). A published poet, and playwright, Ted has literally performed all over the US of A, and you may have seen him on TV commercials, peddling products and services he would never use in real life.

David Martinez

David Martinez is Mexican.

Contributors to ALF Comedy:

Scott Fritz

Scott is the head writer for SportZ Night.  He loves puzzles. The mediocre ones. His Facebook is here.

Zach Nuernberger

Zach Nuernberger is a Los Angeles based filmmaker. Originally from Jefferson City, Missouri, he attended school in St. Louis and graduated magna cum laude from Webster University with a B.A. in Film Production. Currently, he is a freelance cinematographer and editor. He also shoots and edits short videos for sketch groups including ‘Fat Potato Films’ and ‘Alf Junk’, as well as additional web content and actor reels.

Daniel Gallun

Daniel appears in an episode of SportZ Night  as a drug dealer which he is in real life. He also does acting and you can see more of his videos here.

Wil Gelin

Wil is an episode of SportZ Night as Kobe Byrant. Here’s his Facebook. He likes it when strangers try to ‘friend’ him.

Sara Collins

Sara is a stand-up comedian and has written over 100 articles for ALF Comedy. Unfortunately we were only able to publish one of them because the rest of used the n-word way to much.

Adam Fanshier

Adam has only written one article for ALF Comedy because he’s lazy.

We love being told we’re not funny and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.